Monday, 1 April 2013

Is Anyone else Tired of the Stereotype that Latinas are "sexy" and "spicy"? that were aren't beautiful we are very beautiful!!!! but the physical beauty is not all that defines our beauty it is the content of our character that makes us shine. It is sad that the only thing that mainstream media seems to care about is our bodies and nothing else.  This is especially prevalent in recent years that the representation of women of color in mainstream media is slowly rising, but the problem is that certain kind of "representation" is being promoted to the masses.  According to the depiction by mainstream media Latina women are the embodiment of sex and spice. That we are a flavor to be added to make the taste just right. It does not help that Spanish Speaking programs in Central and South America especially telenovellas re-enforce these stereotypes that all Latina women have model shaped bodies are delicate, having slightly tan but almost white skin, superficial, and voluptuous in the bed room.

Well I got news for the world I'm not any of those things (and NO i can't dance for shit)  I don't shake up a room moving my ass with some kind of rhythm to a salsa beat. Which is why articles like “306 Sexiest Latinos on the Planet” list  piss me off because honestly who cares about who is the sexiest Latino/a alive.  Physical beauty is not forever it is what you do to improve this world your living on that counts. I know I don't have the idealized body figure that most Latina women have on TV. I also know plenty of other Latinas whom have different types of body figures and personalities that are not always represented in the social media.  Latina women come from a long complex histories in Central and South America where our ancestry goes back to Indigenous civilizations, African civilizations, and the torturous colonial experiences from Spain and Portugal.  As a result we have so much diversity in our communities that the shallow representation of Latinas does not do us justice.

Which is why I think this article  is in the right to say we do not need to know who are the 306 sexiest Latinos out there (under who's criteria anyway?)  

What I DEMAND is that we celebrate the accomplishments and the impact that the Latina women have made both in the past and present.  I think for my next post I will make a top 10 list (I know a top 10 is dangerous since I'm limiting myself to just 10 awesome Latina women but for the sake of time and not spending the rest of my life doing that one post to do justice for all the awesome women in our communities past and present I'm going for the 10 at least for now ^^;).  The point of that list is to celebrate how awesome our women are the right way!!!!

Stay tune for that list~~(I will have to do my research very carefully so this list will take some time ^^;)